Natalie O’Rourke

Seattle Recreative Icons

Timeline: 5 Weeks

Team: Sarah Klassen

My partner (Sarah Klassen) and I created an icon set for a local art supply store. We chose these 12 icons to cover the different categories of supplies that the store stocks on its shelves. Through our process (seen below) we refined the icons until they were clear and simple yet still felt fun and artsy.
In the final poster we showcase the icons both big and small. Along the bottom you can see the legibility of the smaler icons while in the center the playfulness of the larger icons is highlighted. Each of them were created to work with each other visually while still being clear and unique.

Process ︎︎︎

During the ideation phase, we visited the store we were basing the icons on and started sketching out ideas. We took note of how customers might interact with the store and the displays and considered our observations when narrowing down on the subject matter and form language.

From there the two of us met and chose the 12 categories that the store could be divided into. Together, we assigned the work and independently developed different potential styles. After multiple critiques and team conversations, we chose the features we liked best from each other’s work and narrowed in on a final product.