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Ephemera Published is an independent music publication created to document and share the ephemeral moments individuals experience when attending a live show. 

Ephemera Published is a project that I started in December 2022 and has been up and running since. 

I crafted the brand language around the tones/colors of being in a late-night music venue and experiencing your favorite artist live. 

Between the work that I do for Ephemera and the contributions from passionate team members, we cover events all over the country, whether it be photography, videography, or the written word. Feel free to check out the full website here.

BRANDINGIconography - The icon system is based around discoball imagery. The sparkles are created to adorn images. These shapes were created to be simple & straightforward to let the images and stories shine through. 

Colors - Our colors are inspired by the tones and feelings of attending a concert. Our branding primarily uses Spotlight, and Midnight bringing in vibrant colors from the images captured at the concerts. 

Typography - The typeface Afronaut serves as the display typeface for the brand. It’s elegant adornments and creative letters are versatile either on plain backgrounds or on images. 

Diatype & Monument Grotesk Mono is used for the rest of the body copy at captions. Diatype was chosen because of its legibility for large blocks of type. Monument Grotesk Mono is perfect because the monospaced typeface is reminiscent of physically printed tickets that one might receive when going to a concert.

Afronaut - Headers/Titles 

Diatype - Body Copy
Monument Grotesk Mono - Captions

Instagram - Through some simple Instagram templates our brand language can shine alongside photograph. The templates are able to embellish our photos instead of overpowering them.