#GETHOMESAFE is a signage system that reassures, assists, and even entertains those that pass by in an otherwise bustling environment.

Timeline: 3 Weeks
Team: Cameron Lee, Jamie Lee
Tools: Figma, Adobe Lightroom

#Gethomesafe is envisioned as a series of projections that illuminate the streets of Capitol Hill on the weekend. Catered towards the young people who find themselves bar hopping on a Friday or clubbing on a Saturday, we wanted to create a series of temporary signs that encourage clubbers, partiers, and night owls, to check in with themselves and make sure to prioritize their own wellbeing.

We hoped that the signs would create playful moments for passerbys. As a team, we chose projection as the medium for these signs to illuminate the otherwise dark streets. The light acts as an extra safety blanket because well-lit streets are one of the main ways individuals might feel safer during a night out. 

PREPARATIONTo prepare to install the project we scoped out locations and then shaped our copywriting around the context that each sign would be displayed in.

A special thanks for our professor, Kristine Matthews, who allowed us to use her studio space to kickstart our night of projections.