It Takes A Village is a quarterly publication that provides resources, tips, and tricks through statistics and gathered anecdotes to help students feel more supported during the stressful internship application process.

Timeline: 8 Weeks
Team: Sarah KlassenTools: InDesign, Figma, Lightroom

Design students at UW often don’t know what resources they have available to them or don’t know how to ask their supporters for help.

After conducting research on the internship process & experiences within UW design, we worked to create the broadsheet summarizing our findings. 

We explore statistics surrounding what your support system might look like, what should be expected from the process in each phase, and some alternatives if one discovers that the internship route isn’t for them. Each spread is thoughtfully put together to synthesize what our gathered data was showing.  

MOBILE CAMPANION For the project we built out a prototype for a mobile companion that could be used in the future to gather more data for upcoming issues! 

THE FUTURE OF “IT TAKES A VILLAGE” The broadsheet is a quartly publication created by advising every quarter to tackle different challenges that design students may come across. We produced covers for the application into the UW Design Program, Portfolio Building, and Graduation.